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Rochelle & Gerald Oberman's Family Trees


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The Oberman Family Tree

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The Oberman Family Tree
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"In My Days"

In December 1941, my great grandfather Selig Oberman wrote his memoirs called “In My Days” in Yiddish. It shows how Jewish life looked in Warsaw before he emigrated to London in January 1896. Please contact me, using the Contact page, if you would like to see an English translation.


Solomon Harris Oberman [Shlomo Zvi] born Warsaw 1853. The lady is believed to be his second wife, Rachael.

The Oberman family, from which my sister Rosa and I are descended, is Jewish and of the Israel tribe [i.e. not Cohen or Levi]. Years ago, my grandfather told me that by Polish decree the family was ordered to adopt a civil name and because they were the most senior religious men they took the name Oberman. They had previously only been known by their Hebrew names.


My Oberman family is descended from Haskiel Oberman, born around 1735, probably in Warsaw. That is as far back as I can go. The family origins are uncertain, but his family is believed to have migrated to Warsaw from Dresden or Vienna.


In 1941 my great-grandfather Asher Zelig Oberman wrote a book called "In My Days" in Yiddish. I have the manuscript. It records his life and times in Warsaw and he wrote about his family.


The names of the descendents of many of the Oberman family branches is not known. There are Obermans worldwide who can trace their family back a long way but not quite far enough to link up with my family branch and so we are left with a large number of seemingly disconnected chains.


I have some original photos of Obermans taken in Warsaw and one original Russian photo of Leib Oberman, my great-grandfather's brother, in the Russian army.


The family is now dispersed all over the world. There are approximately 2000 Obermans living in the UK, US, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Eire, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France, and elsewhere. The UK has about 130, mainly in London. The US has about 1,600, particularly in California. I have heard it said that the Obermans have good ability in mathematics.


I hope you find the family tree interesting.


Gerald Oberman.