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The Sugarman Family Tree

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The Sugarman Family Tree
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Gerald Oberman.


Louis Sugarman, born 30th November 1908, was the father of Rochelle and her sister Natalie.

The oldest known Sugarman in this branch of the Sugarman family is Woolf Levy [Wolf Lajb] [Walter] Sugarman [Cukierman] who was born in 1842 in Chentzerkoff [Chekhov], a suburb of Lublin, Poland, a Russian Subject. His oldest son was Barnett [Barney] Sugarman, who was born in 1870. He met his wife Golda Israelowitch on a ship travelling from Riga to Liverpool.


Rochelle’s family is descended from Levy Sugarman’s second son Abraham [Abe] Sugarman, who was born in 1877. Abraham and his wife Bessie brought their family to live in Brighton, England, between 1912 and 1919.